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I write about random and thoughtful ideas in English, Spanish and sometimes Spanglish.
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Political risks are some of the most notable concerns by Business Executives and Board Members, but still, this is one of the less boarded subjects on risk management literature and courses.

It doesn’t matter in which industry a business is, there will always be some level of uncertainty attached to political events.

It is not difficult to understand why, we could just turn on the TV at any News channel and see changes due to political concerns that ultimately might affect some businesses environments, so the real question is not if but how it will affect our businesses…

And it…

Book Notes & Thoughts About Barack Obama’s Book “A Promised Land”.

Photo: Book, by Author

These are my thoughts and notes while reading the book, so, please take them as that. Still, great book and for sure a story worth telling with tons of examples and lessons that could be applied to many scenarios.

Be true to yourself, pursue your dreams, hold up with the hustle, try to be smart, and keep your feet on the ground are some of the key ideas along with the book I found as constant reminders.

The book narrates President Obama’s journey from his young days through some of the most interesting and challenging stories during his presidency. …

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Hace tiempo encontré un video en YouTube de Suburban Pilgrims [1] en donde leí una de las frases que más he pensado últimamente, sobre todo con los efectos y cambios que ha traído estos tiempos de Covid:

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” / “El tiempo es lo que más queremos, pero peor utilizamos.” — William Penn

Desde ese entonces, ha sido una frase que ha estado presente en gran parte de mis días, sobre todo por las noches donde termino habitualmente haciendo el recuento de lo que logré y lo que dejé pendiente en…

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Most likely most of us are continually working on projects, even without realizing it or not thinking about the structure of a project.

We can see projects in our work, whether in the implementation of a new system, policy, or process. But not only there, also in a more personal field, for example, when we are starting a hobby, a new business or something more random like painting our house…

We could say that every time we carry out a series of ordered activities, with a defined, clear, and finite duration of time, it could be called that we are…

How prepared are we for the next time our systems fail, to the next process interruption, or new disruptive external events, like the pandemic?

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One of the great lessons we can learn from the 2008 financial crisis and the pandemic quarantine of 2020, is that the events of “high impact and low probability” are real, can happen, and will happen, as well as we can be very exposed to their impacts.

Because it is not about what if, but rather when and how…

As a risk management professional, most of the main focus of our practice is to bring people…

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Some of the instruments that we most frequently choose when we are building our investment portfolios are investment and exchange funds, and there is a good reason for this.

For most of us, building our savings involves spending much of our time on a typical 9 to 5 job or running our own business.

Unfortunately, investing, but above all doing it in the right way, also requires a lot of time, to educate ourselves on the subject, learn from the instruments and build strategies.

So naturally taking the option of an instrument where a financial services company chooses where to…

Four hundred and sixty-two pages synthesized on a six-minute reading with more-less twelve hundred words…

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I will start this article by saying, read the book.

I had the book “Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty” sitting on my shelf waiting to be read for several months and when I did, the only regret I had was not to have started sooner.

No matter if you are close to the economics/finance/social fields or not, I think most readers will enjoy it.

This is a book that explains the research of the authors Daron Acemoglu and James A…

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Today Zoom or Teams meetings are a very common way of communication, we might have already forgotten how recent this is, because for some of us feels longer than it has, but this way of working and communicating is still very new.

As people, we are still adapting in our relationships, jobs, education, family, and life routines. Exploring what works and what new ways fit better for every occasion and searching for a balance between each aspect of our lives.

Leaving aside the mistakes, jokes, informal vs formal attire, connection issues, family interruptions, and more… the one I’m going to…

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Data is the new oil…

This is one phrase we read in almost every data analysis article on the web. However, not very often we read about the toolset needed to build a database and to store these data. It is as if we take for granted the storing step and center our attention on modeling data and building algorithms.

Although there are tons of complex and expensive software and hardware to perform this kind of task massively, for most small to medium projects people usually rely on Excel or CSV files. …

Understanding the basics about the realtionship between golf and the player.

Golf is one of the most complex and challenging sport out there, it will bring the best and worst of the player’s mindset.

Some people have the idea that golf is a sport mostly for old men, some others have the idea that is an exclusive and reserved only for wealthy people, and a large number of people the only they know about golf is that has, as almost every sport, a public and controversial star named Tiger Woods.

In reality, it is true that golf is not yet…


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