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Tracking data is something that everyone does these days, consciously or unconsciously. We tend to track information about the economy, our work and activities, personal habits, sports, and much more.

Common wisdom nowadays says that learning from the past, most times, will help us to compass and understand the future…

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Political risks are some of the most notable concerns by Business Executives and Board Members, but still, this is one of the less boarded subjects on risk management literature and courses.

It doesn’t matter in which industry a business is, there will always be some level of uncertainty attached to…

Book Notes & Thoughts About Barack Obama’s Book “A Promised Land”.

Photo: Book, by Author

These are my thoughts and notes while reading the book, so, please take them as that. Still, great book and for sure a story worth telling with tons of examples and lessons that could be applied to many scenarios.

Be true to yourself, pursue your dreams, hold up with the…

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Hace tiempo encontré un video en YouTube de Suburban Pilgrims [1] en donde leí una de las frases que más he pensado últimamente, sobre todo con los efectos y cambios que ha traído estos tiempos de Covid:

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” / “El…

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Most likely most of us are continually working on projects, even without realizing it or not thinking about the structure of a project.

We can see projects in our work, whether in the implementation of a new system, policy, or process. But not only there, also in a more personal…

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Some of the instruments that we most frequently choose when we are building our investment portfolios are investment and exchange funds, and there is a good reason for this.

For most of us, building our savings involves spending much of our time on a typical 9 to 5 job or…


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