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I write about random and thoughtful ideas in English, Spanish and sometimes Spanglish.

Pensar en el tiempo es un constante recordatorio a preguntas cómo, ¿qué tanto estoy aprovechando el tiempo aquí?

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Learn to plan and track your projects, sometimes being able to do this could be as important as the project itself.

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Because it is not about what if, but rather when and how…

Build a quick report to track VOO, VGS & GBMINT fund prices with python’s module YFinance.

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I will start this article by saying, read the book.

In a time of online meetings, our home-work environment might be saying something about ourselves that unconscionably be helping us building relationships through social distance.

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Building a database with SQL and Python.

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Data is the new oil…

A python model that will help automate the query of information from the API of Bank of Mexico.

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If you were born between 1981 and 1996, you are part of a generation which lives in one of the most volatile times in history and most likely not applying any risk management in your life… although you should.



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