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I write about random and thoughtful ideas in English, Spanish and sometimes Spanglish.

Four hundred and sixty-two pages synthesized on a six-minute reading with more-less twelve hundred words…

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I will start this article by saying, read the book.

I had the book “Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty” sitting on my shelf waiting to be read for several months and when I did, the only regret I had was not to have started sooner.

No matter if you are close to the economics/finance/social fields or not, I think most readers will enjoy it.

This is a book that explains the research of the authors Daron Acemoglu and James A…

In a time of online meetings, our home-work environment might be saying something about ourselves that unconscionably be helping us building relationships through social distance.

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Today Zoom or Teams meetings are a very common way of communication, we might have already forgotten how recent this is, because for some of us feels longer than it has, but this way of working and communicating is still very new.

As people, we are still adapting in our relationships, jobs, education, family, and life routines. Exploring what works and what new ways fit better for every occasion and searching for a balance between each aspect of our lives.

Leaving aside the mistakes, jokes, informal vs formal attire, connection issues, family interruptions, and more… the one I’m going to…

Building a database with SQL and Python.

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Data is the new oil…

This is one phrase we read in almost every data analysis article on the web. However, not very often we read about the toolset needed to build a database and to store these data. It is as if we take for granted the storing step and center our attention on modeling data and building algorithms.

Although there are tons of complex and expensive software and hardware to perform this kind of task massively, for most small to medium projects people usually rely on Excel or CSV files. …

Understanding the basics about the realtionship between golf and the player.

Golf is one of the most complex and challenging sport out there, it will bring the best and worst of the player’s mindset.

Some people have the idea that golf is a sport mostly for old men, some others have the idea that is an exclusive and reserved only for wealthy people, and a large number of people the only they know about golf is that has, as almost every sport, a public and controversial star named Tiger Woods.

In reality, it is true that golf is not yet…

A python model that will help automate the query of information from the API of Bank of Mexico.

Photo by Adam Nowakowski on Unsplash

There are many reasons in finance to look for risk free rates. This is a very common task, usually the expected returns on risky investments are compared to the returns from a risk free asset to help us evaluate if the investment is worth our time and money.

Some practical examples are when choosing the stocks and bonds for our investment portfolio or deciding if is a good idea to buy a specific real estate property.

By definition a risk free asset is the one we know the expected returns, have no default risk and there can be no reinvestment…

If you were born between 1981 and 1996, you are part of a generation which lives in one of the most volatile times in history and most likely not applying any risk management in your life… although you should.


We can read, hear, or see events that are reshaping the way we live, with abrupt changes in the economy, health, technology, society, political views, education, communications, access to information and the list goes much further.

These changes increase the volatility in which we are taking decisions, no matter how simple or complex the decisions, these are affected by them and most likely without even noticing the effects in our daily life, such as what, how and where we study, marry, work, talk to, invest, spend, etc.

Although the term volatility is not in any way new, it has not…

In the middle of the city chaos there is one place to visit in Mexico City to recharge your mindset and forget for a moment you are in one of the biggest and crowded cities in the world.

Bosque de Chapultepec Entrance. Photo by Pt

In the middle of Mexico City is located one of the biggest, if not the biggest, city park in the country, Bosque de Chapultepec National Park. Although it is not the only one in the city, this one is called the “lungs” of city, for its extension, according to Wikipedia (1), being a total of 686 hectares, with a variety of trees and animals living there, so yes, it is a huge and especially important place for residents in this city.

This Park is divided into three sections, the first section is the oldest and which contains most attractions including…

The struggles of managing an implementation project during the pandemic.


I have previously written about my experience as a business project manager in a SAP S4 / HANA implementation. In that article I shared the 11 tasks or topics that, without being a full time consultant of this type of projects, someone who is in the same position I was should pay attention.

In summary, these are the 11 tasks to consider:

  1. Quality & the project’s sacred trilogy… scope, time and budget.
  2. SAP is not your friend, they are your provider.
  3. Don’t skimp in your consulting partner…
  4. A good and experienced PM, is always a good ally…
  5. Sponsorship is key…

A useful guide for new users of SAP S4HANA, covering concepts as well as how to navigate the system.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

I will start by saying, sometimes you will love SAP and others you will hate it. It is a very structured but complete system that will help you perform most process tasks within a company, from the most operational ones to interesting data analysis.

Depending on how it was configured, you could rely on a more standard operation flow, a customized operation flow or somewhere in between these two.

I’m by no mean an expert user on SAP S4 Hana, neither a SAP consultant, although I was recently participating in a multi company SAP S4 Hana implementation as the business…


How Python helped me analyze a database, look in the web and aggregate new data to perform a deeper analysis, write my findings into a report in Word, prepare a presentation in PowerPoint, share the documents through Outlook…

…And all without pressing a single key of my keyboard.

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